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Welcome to our sublimation and heat-transfer print services. We offer print and transfer services to our customers. Dye Sublimation Transfer is a process where you take an image – that has been created digitally (either by scanning, downloaded from a digital camera or created on your computer) and then print this image with a printer using special sublimation transfer inks onto transfer paper. Once the image is on the paper you place it under a heat press on top of your polyester or poly coated item (substrate) and heat until the inks turn to a gas and transfer the image onto the item.


File Formats accepted:
.pdf – Portable Document Format
.eps – Encapsulated Postscript
.tif – TIFF bitmap
.jpg – Jpeg bitmap
.png – Portable Network Graphics

Additional fees may be assessed for editing the submitted artwork. This includes text editing, proofs, color matching and design work. A full color proof or PMS (pantone matching system) color number needs to be submitted with the artwork when color matching is requested.

Browse our online Easy Custom Catalog and email:  with your choices and or questions.

Please do not send original art or something you cannot afford to lose. Masterpiece Monogramming is not responsible for loss or damage of proofs.

Intro to Sublimation Substrates: Products

Non-Branded Curved Acrylic Panels Video

Non-Branded Personalized Pet Products Video

Non-Branded Personalized Kitchen Products Video

Non-Branded Personalized Mugs Video

Non-Branded Personalized Wood Panels Video

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