Custom Patch’s Made To Order


Creating custom patches for our customers is fun! We see a variety of designs come through our shop and enjoy the variety. The reason our customers come back to us for projects is our attention to detail and quality of our work.

We ordered patches from a popular site online to compare our quality to theirs.

We were shocked!

Not only was their cost higher than ours, but they don’t take the time to finish the project!

We finish our patches with a border to prevent frays. Notice the black details in our patch that are embroidered over the orange to create a great finished look. Their hot glue application bled through the patch, ruining the patch. We use a heat activated tape backing for easy iron on application.

So, let’s review the quality features of Masterpiece Monogramming Custom Patch!

  • Finished Border – (won’t fray)
  • Multiple Color Embroidery
  • Heat Activated Tape Backing for easy application
  • Attention to detail, we take pride in our work!
  • Reasonable pricing!

Let us help you create your patch today!