Cubbies Stuffed Animals

Personalize Your Cubbie with Embroidery and Create your own design or wording!


With every Cubbies personalized teddy bear comes a sprinkle of magic, a bundle of fun and a pinch of excitement.

Cubbies make the softest, most cuddly personalized teddy bears you will find. Each Cubby is embroidered with a name or personal message making each teddy special and unique.

Personalized Teddy Bears With Removable Stuffing Pods

Cubbies like to be unique and imaginative when it comes to our teddy bear designs. This is why we invented the unique hidden zip that enables parents to remove the stuffing pods that shape our personalized teddy bears and safely wash your child’s new custom Cubby teddy. This unique and thought-out design helps parents to wash out stains and marks, as well as rejuvenate the teddy from general wear and tear, which all together will increase the longevity of your child’s new best friend.

You won’t find this with any other personalized teddy bear brand and this is just another reason why a personalized teddy bear by Cubbies is the number one choice for parents around the world.

Embroidered Personalized Teddy Bears For All Ages


Cubbies personalized teddy bears are perfect for babies, toddlers and young children and even adults!  Additionally, all of our personalized teddy bears are safety-approved in various countries. Our personalized teddies are also perfect for a variety of occasions. Create a custom design today for a variety of occasions including birth & baby, birthdays, weddings & engagement and more!



Three brand new animal Cubbies – Stunning new designs, super soft and cuddly.

Tiger, Shah Shoora

Ladybug, Biggleton

Giraffe, Tumbleberry



A signature animal Cubby – Signature design, super soft and cuddly.

Elephant, Olliephant

Dragon, Scorch

Monkey, Bugaloo

Lion, Numbutu

Brown Bear, Theodore

Bulldog, Barkus McDribble

Fox, Makkapitew

Unicorn, Aurora

Penguin, Puddles



A patchwork animal Cubby – Signature design, super soft and cuddly.

Blue Bunny, Clovis Brampton

Pink Bunny, Clovis Brampton

Elephant, Harley

Dog, Barkley Bone

Brown Monkey, Huggles

Pink Reindeer, Cupcake

Blue Reindeer, Cupcake



A classic animal Cubby – Classic design, super soft and cuddly.

Grey Bunny, Clovis Brampton

Elephant, Elle

Superhero, Hero

Pink Superhero, Hero

Pug, Fo’ Shizzle

Butterfly, Flutterby Baby

Dragon, Fire Fly

Lamb, Loverby

White Unicorn, Starflower

Pink Unicorn, Starflower

Blue Unicorn, Starflower

Grey Unicorn, Starflower

Brown Bear, Cubbyford

Blue Bear, Cubbyford

Pink Bear, Cubbyford

Pastel Stripe Bear, Cubbyford

Rainbow Bear, Cubbyford

Leprechaun, Mick Chievous

Cat, Mr Miowgi

Blue Monster, Spike

Orange Monster, Marmalade



A big-eared animal Cubby – Two-ear design for twice as much fun.

Grey Elehant, Dumble

Pink Elepahant, Dumble

Blue Elephant, Dumble