Everything You Need to Know about Ordering a Custom

Embroidered Garments

Designing a custom logo to add onto some apparel, whether it’s for the high school golf team, end-of-the-year presents for your staff, or work uniforms, that time will come. In fact, that time may have already come and that’s why you’ve found your way to this blog post. While ordering an embroidered garment is just as easy as ordering some screen printed t-shirts, there is a different process involved in getting your logo onto your apparel. Let’s go over the most frequently asked questions we get about embroidery

Which promo items can I have embroidered?

In general you can embroider hats, jackets, polo shirts, backpacks, pad folios, coolers, towels, tote bags, robes, blankets and much more…

What is the benefit of having my item embroidered instead of screen printed?

There are pros and cons to both embroidery & screen printing. Embroidered items can cost a little more, but their perceived value is much higher. The imprint will also last a lot longer since the embroidery won’t fade away with the passing of years and tons of washes. You should also consider the fact that an embroidered logo literally stands out from your item. Screen printing sets a very fine layer of ink to your product; embroidery has more mass to it so it will rest slightly higher than your item. Also the majority of embroidered items allow you to have multiple colors without having to pay extra. The allowance of extra colors makes embroidery ideal for schools and organizations who have a multi-color logo and don’t want to simplify their color palate.

What kind of artwork do I need?

You’re in luck! While most promotional products distributors like Masterpiece Monogramming generally need vector artwork to process your order, this is not the case with embroidery. While we strongly encourage using vector artwork, any high-quality image file will work. This is because all of the images are digitized and then programmed into the embroidery machine. If you do chose to use raster artwork (.jpeg, .gif, etc.), make sure the image is a little bigger than the area you’re going to have embroidered. The clearer the image, the better quality of embroidery. Unsure if your image is good enough? Then using vectored artwork will ensure that your logo looks clear and crisp on your final product.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the act of taking your artwork and turning it into a digital file that the embroidery machines can read. Once that digital file is uploaded, the embroidery machines can stitch out your logo onto your garments. Digitizing lets the factory know exactly how many stitches it will take to recreate your logo.

Who does the digitizing?

Different factories have different policies and fees for digitizing artwork. Masterpiece Monogramming also has their own artwork services that can digitize your logo or design. Depending on the garment you want embroidered, Kathy, Janelle or Ashli will work with you to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

What is stitch count?

Stitch count is how many stitches it will take to replicate your logo or design on your item. Surprisingly, it takes a lot of stitches to recreate a logo on a garment. The included stitches are determined by the factory. It is always possible to get more stitches on your garments if your logo needs them. Just keep in mind that the more stitches required to finish a garment (over the amount included in your base price), the more expensive your item will be.

What thread colors can I use?

Masterpiece Monogramming has a very large selection of colors to choose from.

Can I use multiple thread colors on my items?

We know that the majority of company logos and eye-catching designs have more than one color in them. Since embroidered imprints are programmed into a machine and don’t require any kind of screens, it’s easy to switch from one color of thread to another.

Can I have garments embroidered in more than one location?

Of course as long as there is an option for that. Some products may only allow embroidery in one location.

What can I do to make sure my item looks fantastic?

The Masterpiece Monogramming customer service highly recommends using a simple logo. Not only will it have the clearest embroidery, but it may keep your stitch count down.