Hi everyone,
Between shopping for everyone on your list and hosting family and friends for the holidays, the season is filled with stress-inducing activities. But by practicing these calming strategies, you can easily stay mindful and stress-free this holiday season.
#1. Pay it Forward
Give back to others and relieve yourself of built-up stress. Whether it’s donating your unwanted clothes, or just holding the door for someone, spreading a little cheer this holiday season will help improve your own emotional health.
#2. Get Exercise,
Whether it’s doing a few laps around your neighborhood or doing some yoga in the living room, getting some exercise in will not only have you feeling healthier, but will boost your mood, as well. Studies have shown that just a quick workout can have great mental health benefits, and that’s exactly what we could use come the stressful holiday season.
#3. Go Herbal, 
Herbs like St. John’s wort, Lavender oil, L-Thea-nine, Valerian Root, and Kava have been proven anxiety and depression fighters. Add them to your daily menu (in teas or in smoothies), and enjoy the calming benefits
.#4. Snack on some Chocolate
Yes, you read that correctly. Now don’t go too wild with the cocoa bites, but a few bits of chocolate can actually help cognitive functions and will help you focus better on the activities around you
.#5. Laugh, 
As you gather together with family and friends, make it a point to just laugh. Not only does it lighten the mood, but it has been proven to lower blood pressure, which will immediately reduce the production of stress hormones.If you have some sage advice on how you stay stress free, please share the with us your thoughts.