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Being Organized for the Holidays

Do you get overwhelmed during December? Do you get to the end of Christmas Day and you’re exhausted and wonder if it was all worth it? There’s shopping, baking, wrapping, card-writing, cooking, and decorating. All in the midst of parties, gatherings, and celebrations with everyone and anyone you’ve had contact with all year! It’s a lot to juggle. And it can easily become overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With some advance planning and organizing, you can simplify the holidays and get things done earlier, so you can breathe and actually enjoy this festive season. Doesn’t that sound good?


1.  Print Your Holiday Planning Sheets


You can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like to be as you organize for Christmas.  Here are a few options to help you get organized. Find a few simple checklists to track the things that are most overwhelming to you (gifts, baking, cleaning, menu planning, etc. If you already use a planner, you could add a section for holiday planning Or you can create a whole separate Christmas planner to make plans and keep track of everything related to this busy season If you prefer using a digital calendar and to-do list, you can use a different color to denote all your holiday related appointments and tasks.   There are lots of free Christmas planners and checklists available online so I’m not going to re-invent the wheel.


2.  Brainstorm The Tasks You Need To Do Before The Big Day


OK, now that you’ve got your holiday lists printed, let’s start brainstorming everything you need to do before the big day.  Break your tasks down to small, manageable tasks so you can see your progress as you finish them. 

  • Take a family picture {Note: if getting the perfect family picture is frustrating, go for a fun one and show off your kids’ personalities!}
  • Design & order photo greeting cards
  • OR buy greeting cards & write them up (if you send cards to a lot of people you don’t see regularly you can include a holiday letter to save writing the same thing repeatedly)
  • Address greeting cards
  • Mail greeting cards
  • Decide on gifts – break it down into categories (e.g. immediate family, extended family, friends, neighbours, teachers, colleagues, hostesses)
  • If you buy gifts throughout the year, take an inventory of what you have and what you need to buy
  • Buy gifts – again break it down into the same categories
  • Deep clean living areas before decorating (dusting, vacuuming behind/under furniture, etc.)
  • Deep clean kitchen before holiday baking and cooking
  • Plan your regular cleaning throughout the holiday season
  • Living areas (to make room for holiday decor & prepare for entertaining guests)
  • Kitchen (to make holiday baking and cooking easier)
  • Toys and Clothing and entertainment (to make room for the new gifts)
  • Buy gift wrap, gift bags, tissue, tags, ribbon, etc.
  • Set up a gift wrapping station with all your wrapping supplies
  • Wrap gifts – break it down into the same categories as you had for planning & buying gifts
  • Decide what you will bake this holiday season (for yourself, for gifts, for gatherings, etc.)
  • Ensure you have all ingredients you will need (and buy any that you don’t have)
  • Schedule a time as early as possible to make anything that can be frozen or will keep fresh
  • Plan when you will do any baking that needs to be done near the end
  • If you like to make crafts for your family or as gifts, plan time to work on those as early as possible
  • Choose which crafts you will be making
  • Ensure you have all the necessary supplies to make each craft you plan to make
  • Bring holiday decor items out of storage
  • Indoor decorating
  • Outdoor decorating
  • Christmas tree
  • De clutter decorations you aren’t using this year (unless there’s a special reason you’re not putting them out this year)
  • If you’re hosting a dinner or party, plan your menu as early as possible
  • Delegate items to family and other guests if they offer
  • Create a grocery list
  • Buy any non-perishable or frozen items as far in advance as you can to avoid longer line-ups or sold-out foods
  • Buy the remaining food items the week before your event


3.  Start Scheduling Everything


If you spread out everything you need to do in the next few weeks, you won’t be as overwhelmed and things won’t fall through the cracks.  So, grab your calendar and the to-do list you just made, and let’s see how we can make this as organized as possible!

Start by filling in dates that are already booked (refer to your regular calendar as well).  This may take a bit of time, especially if you’re coordinating schedules with several other family members.  It’s important to get all the dates sorted out as early as possible though so you can work out any potential conflicts.

Holiday Gatherings

  • Find out dates for any special Christmas events at school, church, music lessons, sports teams, and any other extra-curricular activities
  • Schedule gatherings with friends that you see during the holidays (spread them out as much as you can so you aren’t running from one to another to another)
  • Confirm dates and times for family get-togethers
  • Record all dates on your calendar, along with details of anything you need to prepare or bring.
  • If you are traveling out of town during the holidays, mark those dates on your calendar, as well as tasks related to traveling (packing clothing, packing gifts you need to bring along, etc.)
  • If you are hosting out-of-town guests during the holidays, record those dates on your calendar too and add any tasks related to preparing for your guests (guest room, extra cleaning, meals, etc.)

Now you should have a detailed calendar with all your gatherings and tasks! If you like checking things off a list, you can do that on your to-do list as you complete them or on your calendar (or both!). If you get behind on your tasks, just bump them to another date. It happens. Especially at this time of year! Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just move on and try to get back on schedule as quickly as you can.

Make sure you leave some “down time” to enjoy special traditions, like watching your favorite holiday movies while curling up with a cup of hot chocolate. Or going sledding or skating. Or driving around to look at the beautiful lights. We hope this helps!


5 Ways to Stay Calm & Stress-Free This Holiday Season

Hi everyone,
Between shopping for everyone on your list and hosting family and friends for the holidays, the season is filled with stress-inducing activities. But by practicing these calming strategies, you can easily stay mindful and stress-free this holiday season.
#1. Pay it Forward
Give back to others and relieve yourself of built-up stress. Whether it’s donating your unwanted clothes, or just holding the door for someone, spreading a little cheer this holiday season will help improve your own emotional health.
#2. Get Exercise, 
Whether it’s doing a few laps around your neighborhood or doing some yoga in the living room, getting some exercise in will not only have you feeling healthier, but will boost your mood, as well. Studies have shown that just a quick workout can have great mental health benefits, and that’s exactly what we could use come the stressful holiday season.
#3. Go Herbal, 
Herbs like St. John’s wort, Lavender oil, L-Thea-nine, Valerian Root, and Kava have been proven anxiety and depression fighters. Add them to your daily menu (in teas or in smoothies), and enjoy the calming benefits
.#4. Snack on some Chocolate
Yes, you read that correctly. Now don’t go too wild with the cocoa bites, but a few bits of chocolate can actually help cognitive functions and will help you focus better on the activities around you
.#5. Laugh, 
As you gather together with family and friends, make it a point to just laugh. Not only does it lighten the mood, but it has been proven to lower blood pressure, which will immediately reduce the production of stress hormones.If you have some sage advice on how you stay stress free, please share the with us your thoughts. 

Halloween Bling and Pizazz

Have you ever noticed the more bling and pizazz a Halloween costume has the more it costs? What if you have that pretty little princess at home who keeps asking for more sparkle? Or perhaps it’s your inner glowing goddess who wants that show-stealing, eye-catching bling for that Halloween Party.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to compromise your budget to satisfy your Bling needs. You also don’t need to be able to make the entire costume from scratch to get creative. Simply buy the base for your costume and let us add all the sparkle and shine you want! Now that’s what we love to do here at Masterpiece Monogramming!

Not sure where to start? We can help you with the bling for just about anything you need to put it on!

Love a Black T-shirt with some Halloween Bling!

Blogging about 3 types of Printing.

In this blog we will share information on the different types of printing so you can make an educated choice on your next printing job. No worries if you can’t decide, we are here to help and guide you to the best choice.

DTG (direct-to-garment) Printing

DTG is pretty much like using a printer to print on fabric. Because it works like a printer, it can support the most detailed design, with as many colors as you want. The printer can only print one garment at a time, which makes it perfect for printing one-of-a-kind t-shirts. 

Screen printing aka (Silk-Screening)

This is the process of pulling a layer of ink over a screen to produce a design. A special screen has to be made for each design, which means that there should be many orders of the same design for it to be worth it.

Sublimation printing

This is the process of printing onto a special sheet of paper, and then transferring that image onto fabric. The ink is heated until it disintegrates into the corresponding fabric. That makes the ink long-lasting, and you’ll never have the unfortunate “peeling” effect of a well-worn t-shirt. This is most popular for sports organizations.

How to choose which printing method to use

The printing method you’ll use depends on three factors:

  • your design
  • the quantity sold in one go
  • type of clothing


The first question is about the quantity that you’re selling. If you’re planning on doing everything one-off and drop-shipped, and you can’t really plan the amount of sales you’re making, then chances are you’re better off using DTG (direct-to-garment).

If you’re ordering many in one go (think team sports, camps, clubs, etc.), and you know you’ll be making at least 15 of the same design, then you might begin to consider screen printing.

Your design dictates your method

Your design is the most important element in deciding which printing method is for you. If your design involves many different colors, intricate details or photography images, then DTG will be your best shot.

You should already have an idea of what your design will be. Will it be photography? How many colors are in one design? Maybe it’s black and white, or simply lettering? Do you intend to have your design stretch from one seam to the other?

Step by Step Graph

We hope this blog was informational and helpful in making your future printing decisions with

Masterpiece Monogramming.

We look forward to seeing you!


10 Paw-fect Embroidered Christmas Gifts Ideas For Your Furry Friends!

Looking for a gift idea for your cute, non-human companions? In this blog article we searched for inspirations to find items that can easily be personalized by embroidering lettering on them.

1. Include your pet in the celebrations this festive season! They are part of the family, so they also deserve a Christmas stocking! Feel free to design embroidered stockings for your fellow humans too while you’re at it!

2. Many of our pets wear collars as a matter of safety and identification. Why not give your pet a personalized, embroidered collar? Choose or create a design of your own like paws, pet patterns, or bouncing balls and give your pet a unique identifier.

3. Sometimes our pets have to wear clothing to stay warm. Other times, it’s just plain cute! It’s even better if you add a personal touch to it. Add the logo of your favorite sports team so others will know which team you and your pet are rooting for!

4. Your dog’s paws can get really cold in the winter and you surely want to keep them nice and toasty. Label booties so they always go on the right foot by embroidering lettering on them.

5. Taking your furry friend out in the rain or snow to use the bathroom is a necessary part of pet ownership. And when they come back inside, what better way to clean off their paws than with a personalized paw towel? Embroidery can help you identify your pet’s towel in an adorable and unique way.

6. Many of us have beds for our pets (though whether they use it or not is another question). Try adding a unique design or initials to your pet’s blanket! Embroidery has been known to stand the test of time, so it’s one way to create a custom pet accessory that can take on the wear and tear of daily use by your pet.

7. A leash, aside from letting you walk your pet with no worries, is also a long piece of canvas which allows you to express how much you adore your pet. Get creative with an embroidered leash with paw prints, your pet’s name or initials, or a cartoon-y furry face. It leaves a lot of room for creativity, so let your imagination run wild!

8. Make the lead up to Christmas just as exciting as the day itself! Your pet will be pleased to receive a Christmas treat each day from a decorative embroidered advent calendar.

9. Patches can be sewn onto nearly anything and having an embroidery machine and software can make the task so much easier and a lot of fun! Create a custom logo for your pet, using his or her name, image, or a saying you relate to your pet.

10. Design your own personalized dog bandana, Go ahead and spoil your furry friends with unique adorable dog bandanas .Add their names, photos or a funny saying to create one-of-a-kind items that are just as unique as their personalities.

Happy thinking about what you will design for us to make for you and your special furry friend!

By: Masterpiece Monogramming

A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the internet. We’re happy you found us. 2015 is a really exciting time for Masterpiece Monogramming. It marks our 31st year in business! We are in the process of modernizing our shop in some really exciting ways.

Last year we purchased state of the art embroidery robots (dubbed Rosie & Weebo) and taught them a lot of really cool tricks. We also got to know Digi and Rolie our garment printer and vinyl cutter a little better. Digi is putting out beautiful full color prints and Rolie learned how to make stencils for rhinestone patterns and cut durable glitter vinyls. This year we are bringing it all to you!

We’ve updated our look online and are now offering a web based store. We can customize a store just for your team and work out fundraiser options. We can use the same feature for businesses to outfit your employees in style. We’ll also be offering a selection of gifts and apparel online that can be customized just the way you want it and delivered when you need it. We’re still here in Burton, MI if you prefer to shop with a human or stop in to snuggle the Marco Cat (he’s super fluffy and friendly).

I’ll be doing my best to post regular updates here so keep checking back. I’ll be sharing great ideas for celebrating holidays in style, cool DIY tips, and little bits of everyday life here in the shop.

Thanks for stopping by,